About me

Hello, my name is Nikki. I am a 20 yo. girl from Croatia. I'm attedning a college for graphic design. I do online commissions and customs orders for stickers, keychains, prints and metal plates (shipping only within Europe). For commission info you can DM me on instagram, discord or twitter.
I also have an unhealthy obsession with Leauge of Legends

Terms of Servuice

My art may not be used/resold as an NFT under any circumstances.My art may not be used to train AI nor can it be used in AI generators. I do not support them, and I do not wish for my art to help further their progress. Please respect that.I accept payment through PayPal and Ko-fi and in $ (USD) so do keep that in mind when commissioning me.Payment 100% upfront for any commission under 50$. For commissions above 50$ I accept payment half upfront and half after the sketch has been aproved. If the commissions is 200$+ i offer playment plans tooIf you cannot do PayPal or Ko-fi, I will be open to negotiation on alternate methods of payment.During the rough sketch phase you can ask for any changes, after one gets approved i will do a 2nd sketch more detailed. During this phase you can ask for minor changes. Post sketch phase i don't accept changes unless I messed up some color. If you didnt point it out during the sketch phase and still want me to change something it will be extra fee (approx. $5 -$ 15 depending on the level of difficulty.)I have the right to refuse a commission for any reason, be it my discomfort, or simply thinking I lack the skill to complete it.All NSFW commissions are off-limits to minors, and if you're under 18, I will immediately shut it down.Commissions are for personal use by default, not for commercial use. If you wish to commission me for a piece that will be used commercially, we can discuss that privately and agree upon a price.The commissioner can re-upload my artwork wherever they please, though please credit me and link to my Twitter (a tag is fine). Do not claim to be the artist behind the artwork either.I will add most commissioned artwork to the examples page on this site, if you wish to avoid having your artwork displayed here, please let me know.Full refunds will be issued only if I haven't finished a sketch. If I have finished a sketch, you will receive a partial refund so the cost of the sketch alone is covered. This also applies to the lineart and colour stage, and if the artwork is finished, I will not issue a refund.I will send frequent updates on the piece as I work on it, but you're more than welcome to ask if you're curious about how things are going!If you wish to have the CLIP file, then feel free to ask for it! I can also convert it to a PSD, but do keep in mind that the native file was originally a CLIP, so there may be minor issues like text layers not showing up as text layers, but rather, as normal layers, or some layer setting issues. Please keep that in mind!

Standard Commissions

Extra character for my normal style is +50% for chibis it's +75%
NSFW fee on any art is +15$
Props are + 5-10$ (depending on complexity)
Simple backgound free, Complex background + 10-30$ (depending on complexity)

Normal styleHeadshotHalfbodyFullbodyChibiMini chibi*
Colored sketch10$15$20$12$5$
Flat color with lineart15$20$30$20$ 
Cell shading+5$+5$+5$+5$ 
Fully rendered30$45$55$35$ 

*Mini chibi: patreon exclusive reward for 5$ and above tiers

Special Commissioons

Special commissions include emotes, YCH, adopables and others

Bundles1 emote5 emotes10 emotes

Available YCH Commissions

Ready to rig VTuber models
Curreently only available half body or bust up vtuber models. Ready to rig. Price ranges from 40-60$ (bust up) and 60-90$ (half body). Price depends on complexity of the model

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